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Here, we present you with itinerary ideas; these ideas are 100% customizable to fulfill your wishes and expectations.

Belize is divided into 6 provinces, each with its characteristics and tourist attractions. For example, the provinces of Corozal, Belize, Stan Creek, and Toledo rest on the beaches of the Caribbean. And the regions of Cayo and Orange Walk are surrounded by lush tropical forests and abundant wildlife.

We can summarize that this destination, offers its visitors adventures on the mainland, on the coast, and its paradisiacal islands.


  • INature: trips to explore the different sanctuaries and reserves. Birding and wildlife observation.
  • IAdventure: trips to please your adventurous spirit. Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing, jungle Hiking, ATV adventures, Caving, Sailing, Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, jet ski, horseback riding, ziplining,
  • ICulture: cultural immersion, beliefs, archaeology, and history. Mayan archeology, visit towns, culinary experiences, musical experiences with the Garífuna, traditions, and festivals.
  • IWe can also add that Belize is a friendly destination for family travel and wellness.

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Archaeological Adventurer

6 days Tour Package

Six-day archaeological expeditions to discover the architecture, art, and history of the Mayan civilization visiting Mayan sites like Tikal,

Family Vacation

9 Days Tour Package

Here we present an idea of a nine-day family adventure including family-friendly activities with flexibility to enjoy as much as possible inland

Adventure Holiday

9 days Tour Package

Nine days holiday that integrates inland and beach activities discovering interesting archaeological sites, natural treasures,

Guatemala And Belize

12 Tour Package

Tour package that combines the best destinations  of Guatemala and Belize, including Antigua Guatemala

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