Altun Ha Day Trip

Located in the Northern Belize District, this tour will take you on a beautiful, scenic drive thru the country side as your guide enlightens you with rich, Belizean culture & history.

Traverse on the Old Northern Highway to the classical Mayan City of Altun Ha, which means “Rock Stone Pond” in Yucatec Maya.

Learn about its struggles and great achievements of survival for over a thousand years.

As you travel back in time with the history being explained, you will feel the presence of an ancient civilization coming alive once more.

You will climb above some of its highest monumental structures, where the elite families once occupied and enjoy a spiritual and panoramic view from above.

Altun Ha

This site is famous for the carved Jade Head, almost 10lbs heavy and in the image of one of their most important Gods, Kinich Ahau; the Sun God. Enjoy the pristine green, secondary rainforest that surrounds you as you walk the path of the Ancient Maya.


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