Lamanai Day Trip

Embark on an exciting Lamanai Day Tour in Belize, where you will be taken on a road transfer before hopping onto a river boat for an hour-long scenic ride on the New River Lagoon.

As a nature lover or birder, you will have a chance to spot numerous water bird species living in this diverse ecosystem.

You may also be fortunate to see sunbathing monkeys, iguanas, and Morelet crocodiles along the riverbanks.

Upon arriving at the Lamanai Archeological Reserve, you will witness exciting flora and fauna.

Lamanai, which translates to “Submerged Crocodile,” is one of Belize’s largest and oldest ceremonial centers on the banks of the 30-mile-long New River Lagoon in the Orange Walk District, just north of Belize City.

This  Mayan site has a rich history, and archeologists have recorded it as having one of the most extended occupational spans in the Mayan World, spanning over 3,000 years from 1500 B.C. to A.D. 1675.

Lamanai features eight major plazas, a well-preserved mask of a Maya ruler emerging from a crocodile headdress, intricately carved stelae depicting the ruler “Lord Smoking Shell,” and a 108-foot-tall temple, one of the most significant Preclassical structures in the Maya area.

The site also contains remains of a Christian “Indian Church” built by the Spaniards in 1544 on top of a Maya temple.

During the Lamanai Day Tour, you can walk back in time and explore the authenticity of this unique city.

You can climb ancient Maya Temples and discover the rainforest below while enjoying a panoramic view from the “High Temple.”

After the tour, you can hike back to the lunch area for a traditional Belizean lunch while admiring the stunning scenery of the lagoon.

Finally, you can stroll to the onsite museum to view the artifacts discovered in this ancient Maya City.


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