Barton Creek Cave

Barton Creek Cave: 

The Barton Creek Cave is a natural limestone wonder located near San Ignacio that was once used by the ancient Maya for cultural rituals.

Located in the region of Belize’s Orthodox Mennonite community, this cave is recorded as an actual Maya sacrificial cave!

After traversing into the foothills of the Maya Mountains, and through the Amish Community, you will arrive at the entrance of the cave.

Your guide will equip you with life jackets, and lights, as he prepares your canoe for the adventure.

The tall, narrow channels of this cave are navigated in canoes, the same way the Maya did so many years ago.

As you drift slowly through the darkness with headlamps and flashlights, your guide will relate tales of the ancient Maya’s use of caves, and point out unique geological features.

The cave includes Mayan artifacts such as pottery and skeletal remains from Mayan sacrifice along its ledges.

This tour can be combined with an optional visit to Green Hills Butterfly Farm.

For those seeking further adventure, we can schedule horseback riding via Jungle trails as a combination with the Barton Creek  Cave.


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