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Belize is a small English-speaking country located in the Central American Caribbean with spectacular nature, fantastic coral islands, and white sand beaches that offer a paradise for travelers.

In addition to being the second largest coral reef globally, it has essential vestiges of the Mayan civilization that dominated Central America from 250 to 900 AD.

Physical evidence of this great civilization includes ceremonial temples, majestic structures, and fine artwork made of jade, stone, and clay.

Aquatic activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing in the marvelous incomparable beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

On land, the adventure is phenomenal, and you are invited to rediscover ancient caverns, Mayan cities, fascinating rivers, and sanctuaries of exotic tropical birds or the encounter with mammals such as the jaguar and the tapir.

The hotel’s offer is varied, from simple accommodations to boutique hotels immersed in the tropical jungle or on paradisiacal islands that will make your trip a unique experience.

From an adventure trip or a relaxing beach vacation, Belize is your option.

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Belize Destination

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