Blue Hole Day Trip

Blue Hole

Day Trip

The Blue Hole

Located in the lighthouse reef atoll, it is one of Belize’s best-kept secrets. You have an early start at 5:30 am and a 2 hr boat ride to the first stop. But iBut, it makes it all worth it when you plunge into the hole 130ft and dive between 100ft stalactites while mystical sharks cruise by.

You then make your way over to Half Moon Caye Wall, which offers a vast amount of marine life along the deep walls off the island of Half Moon Caye, where lunch is served, and trails lead you to the only red-footed boobie bird sanctuary in the world!

The last dive of the day is over at the “Aquarium” on the walls of Long Caye; the name speaks for itself, as you will see when you descend in a school of Bermudian chubs and sergeant majors. After you make your way back home enjoying the view of the sun setting with a drink in hand!


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