Belize City

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Altun Ha

Located in the Northern Belize District, this tour will take you on a
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Belize City Tour

On this fully guided tour, around historic Belize City, you will see many
nocturnal zoo

Belize Zoo Nocturnal Tour

This interactive, and spectacular, night adventure allows you time with creatures of the
Crooked Tree

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

The lagoons, creeks, logwood swamps, broadleaf forests, and marshes of the Crooked Tree


After a road transfer, you will hop into a river boat for a
Belize zoo

The Belize Zoo

In 1983, upon completion of a film called “Path of the Rain Gods”,

The Community Baboon Sanctuary

The Community Baboon Sanctuary is where you will find an abundance of the

The Museum of Belize

The Museum of Belize is dedicated to the promotion, documentation, exhibition, and understanding

Traveler’s Rum Factory

This rare tour takes you inside the factory that makes the famous “One