Our captain will collect you from your resort at either 8:15am or 1:15pm. From here you will be brought to our dive shop where you will be introduced to your guide and be fitted with equipment. From there we have you enter the boat. Our boats are fully equipped, we have life jackets on board, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, cell phones for emergency purposes and a cooler full of cool fresh drinking water and fresh fruit to snack on between stops. We also have life jackets on board for those who may not feel completely comfortable in the water. We have them fasten around your waist so you still float, but you are still able to put your face in the water and enjoy the marine life. Once you have been fitted with your equipment your welcomed on to the boat where the guide will give you a briefing for the boat procedures. From the dive shop to the first snorkel stop will be no more than fifteen minutes by boat.

The first stop of the trip is called Tres Cocos. This stop is a natural break in the reef similar to Hol Chan. This stop is conducted away from the boat. You are accompanied by a guide at all times. The guide will ensure that everyone is comfortable in the water before they get too far from the boat. Once everyone is comfortable in the water, the tour starts. The guide will always have a life ring for those who might get tired, or if a guest needs to adjust equipment then they can hold onto the life ring while it’s adjusted by the guide. The first stop will last between forty five minutes to an hour. It will be a circular tour starting at the boat, completing the tour and then returning to the boat.

The second stop of the tour is at a site called Tuffy. This site gets its name from a small sail boat that sunk and can still be seen while snorkeling. This site is also in a small natural channel in the reef. This site is also a snorkel away from the boat, it will still be guided tour and the guide will have the life ring again for emergency purposes. This stop will last between forty five minutes to an hour. Both of the stops on this trip offer a wide variety of marine life as well as coral. There are chances of seeing, Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays, Southern and Caribbean Sting Rays, Nurse Sharks and Moray Eels.