This trip is a perfect trip for families or couples or divers taking a break. The trip lasts all day and you are returned to your resort any time after 4:30pm. Your day starts at 9am where your guide for the day collects from your resort. The day starts with fishing in order to catch lunch. The fishing consists of reef fishing along the barrier reef system in front of San Pedro. As well as some spear fishing if you desire. There is the opportunity to catch small snapper and grouper, as well as lobster and conch (season permitting). From here you head to Shark and Ray Alley which is part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Here the guide will clean the catch. While he is cleaning the catch you are free to snorkel around the boat. The guide cleaning the catch will attract the Nurse Sharks and the Southern and Caribbean Sting Rays near to the boat, giving you a great opportunity to see these animals feeding in their natural habitat.

From here the guide will take you to a secluded beach in order to prepare you lunch, consisting of the fresh sea food you have just caught. While he prepares lunch you have the opportunity to relax or you can snorkel from the beach. Once you have enjoyed lunch, here your guide will take you to Zone A of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Here you snorkel away from the boat around a small channel in the reef. The tour starts in the shallow portion of the reserve; this gets everyone accustomed to the conditions and equipment. Once everyone is comfortable then the fun starts. The guide will lead you around the Zone pointing out all of the marine life that the reserve can offer, from turtles to nurse sharks, spotted eagle rays to the green moray eels. This portion of the tour lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. All of our guides always carry a life ring for anyone who gets tired during the tour, or to hold on to if equipment needs adjusting. We can adjust the snorkel sites if you prefer, to avoid repeating any potential snorkeling spots.

On board throughout the trip are soft drinks as well as snacks. We also provide some rum punch for you to enjoy. The boat is covered and has padded seats so is comfortable for everyone for a full day tour.