Mexico rocks is an area located north of San Pedro. It is a shallow area with a patch reef. These are small clusters of coral formations, compared to the channel and barrier reef of Hol Chan. This area is soon to be added to the marine reserve to make it a protected area similar to Hol Chan. Once your trip is confirmed, the boat will come and collect you from your resort at either 9am or 2pm, you will be fitted with equipment here if you do not have already. From here they will take you to Mexico Rocks. This is a short trip from the resort no less than 15 minutes on the boat. All of our boats are fully equipped, we have life jackets on board, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, cell phones for emergency purposes and a cooler full of cool fresh drinking water and fresh fruit to snack on between stops. We also have life jackets on board for those who may not feel completely comfortable in the water. We have them fasten around your waist so you still float, but you are still able to put your face in the water and enjoy the marine life.

The tour starts once the boat is moored to the mooring line. The guide will give you a brief history of the area. Then it’s into the water. The guide will ensure that everyone is comfortable in the water and then the tour begins. The guide leads you through area, moving around the area pointing out the marine life as you pass. This area is known for the coral formation and the juvenile fish. This area is very different compared to Hol Chan. Whereas Hol Chan has a varied diversity of marine life; Mexico Rocks has more vivid color due to the variety of corals and the juvenile fish. When the fish are younger they display brighter colors compared to their adult forms. It is also more protected than Hol Chan, hence the reason for the juvenile fish. There are also chances of seeing the Southern and Caribbean Sting Rays as well as the Nurse Sharks. There are also sculptures made from the discarded conch shells from the local fishermen.

The trip is conducted away from the boat, the guides always carry a life ring on board the boat and will have one on them at all times during the tour. It may not be necessary but is there in case a guest gets tired or for someone to hold on to if there equipment needs adjusting. The tour can last up to two hours depending on the group on the conditions. This area is not as close to the barrier reef as Hol Chan, so therefor does not have the same conditions, making Mexico Rocks a little more protected.

Once the tour is complete and back on board the boat, the guide will hand out refreshments. We have a cooler of cool fresh drinking water and fresh fruits, perfect for removing the salty taste. From here the boat will be loosed and we will return you to your resort. The tour can last up to two and half hours.

night dive
night dive